Vacheron Constantin, the oldest manufacture in the world, has never stopped creating and innovating. Inspired by a rich past and its tradition of excellence, it has created watches of exemplary lines, inserted in the purest contemporary spirit. Throughout the ages, its universal aesthetics have been kept timeless, refined and never smug.

It all started in 1755 when an ingenious watchmaker named Jean-Marc Vacheron opens a workshop in central Geneva. Of great talent, and as knowledgeable as any of the art of watchmaking, this cabinotier, a name given at the time to Geneva watchmakers, was soon producing outstanding watches that were renowned across borders. Countless generations of watchmakers have inherited their talent, artistry and sense of excellence.

Vacheron Constantin's history was forged in the pursuit of excellence, in perfect harmony with its motto "Improve if possible, and always possible." This is why all Vacheron Constantin watches manufactured since 1755 can be subject to revisions or restorations where the aesthetic and technical criteria of each piece will be scrupulously respected.

Vacheron Constantin invests in the perpetuation of its watch culture, promoting the internal formation of its staff. Therefore, the watchmakers are responsible for training the new generations of watchmakers according to the brand's rigorous criteria of excellence.

Therefore, our customers can rest assured that the services provided are of the highest quality. Ever.

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