David Rosas is a paradigmatic brand, a reference level and a genuinely Portuguese combination of jewelry and watches, unanimously recognized by the exclusive international brands it represents.

Based on knowledge acquired over five generations - and almost thirty years after the opening of the first store - the firm remains true to the principles and values ​​that have always punctuated its strategy and constitute the secret of brand success: the commitment to help fulfill your customers' dreams by ensuring the trust of partners and brands represented, the superior quality of their parts and raw materials, control over production processes and the uniqueness of design and innovation in their unique parts.

David Rosas is synonymous with tradition, quality, style, contemporaryity, innovative spirit and, from the depths of his Portuguese roots, high quality standards that have earned him international recognition in the world of luxury and exclusivity.

This is the universe of David Rosas, where experience and mastery are the keys to a world of true excellence.

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