Anéis Serafino
Anéis Serafino

Serafino Consoli

Serafino Consoli was established in 1959, inspired by the craftsmanship culture that defines its DNA, combined with innovation and advanced technology to create exclusive jewellery.

It was created in Valenza, beating heart of the Italian goldsmithing genius. A place where knowledge on metals and gemstones is devotedly passed down through the generations. Inventiveness and talent are reinforced by the technology patent in the Serafino Consoli collections, in which each multisize piece contains thousands of welding points and hundreds of components that make each jewel a unique work of art. In order to astonish you, move you and win you over with a simple touch.

modelos com coleção Brevetto de Serafino Consoli


One size fits all.
Multisize jewellery. Unique creation with a global patent.
Discover a collection of extraordinary jewellery pieces with incredible versatility, as they can adapt from the minimum to the maximum size - up to twenty sizes! With a customisable shape according to your preference. A complete collection of rings, earrings, pendants and bracelets in 18k gold.
This collection is the result of over 10 years of research, analysis and testing to achieve the perfect result, which deserves to be protected by a patent, which is why it is called Brevetto - "patent" in Italian.
Wear it and fall in love with it.

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A ring that turns into a bracelet.
Imagine being able to transform a ring into a bracelet with a simple movement, now you can! Just wear the Serafino collection, created in the shape of a classic work of art but with a deeply complex mechanical soul. In 18k gold.
The Serafino collection is a family heirloom, passed down through generations due to its ability to adapt to different times while preserving its beauty and preciousness.
Discover the magical world of SERAFINO at David Rosas.

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