The story begins around 60 years ago at Grumello del Monte, not far from Milan. It is the story of a family of jewelers turned entrepreneurs, whose business continues to bear the name of its original founder to this day: Serafino Consoli. The brand was created in 1959 and the research into an innovative product began in 2005. The distribution of the Brevetto Collection started in 2013 and Serafino Consoli jewelry pieces are present at all the most important jewelers in the world today.

Manual skill and patented technology are the basis of Serafino Consoli jewels. Rings that become bracelets, earrings and pendants that transform. In one click.

Exclusivity is an intangible added value, without a true and only definition, because each of us has a personal and different perception of the sense of uniqueness. But if an invention patent guarantees it, then it becomes universal, absolute. This is the plus offered by Serafino Consoli jewels, those pieces made unique not only by their being rigorously handmade by expert goldsmiths, with thousands of soldering points in 18kt gold, but also and above all by an internal mechanics result of years of study and experimentation. Ten years, to be precise, spent chasing a dream that has finally become reality. Here, therefore, rings that dress over 20 sizes or in an instant become bracelets, earrings and pendants that change shape, adapting to the dress or occasion. All with a simple and quick gesture. And with the grace and elegance that befits a masterpiece of art, manual and technical.

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