Marco Bicego started his business on January 1, 2000.

Experience gained in the family business, creativity and passion for art and precious stones, as well as enthusiasm and curiosity for the various countries of the world are traits that abound in her personality. Marco Bicego is nowadays one of the most appreciated Italian jewelry brands on the international scene, thanks to his ability to interpret daily luxury with a completely personal vision.

At 45, with three children, Marco Bicego chose some essential elements of the Vicenza jewelry tradition, transferring them to his modern and elegant production facilities in Trissino, where about 80 people - mostly very young - work on his pieces. unique and create jewelry collections that reverberate in the shop window of the best specialty stores around the world.

Entirely produced in Italy, by hand and using the most exclusive techniques, Marco Bicego's creations show a fondness for yellow gold and incorporate precious and semi-precious stones from Brazil and India, often cut on request. The "guitar string" technique (a special hand movement that creates a wavy look and has become iconic for the brand), the burin engraving (which gives the metal a satin effect that also protects it from dents) and the study of shapes Imperfections, such as those found in nature, underline the originality of each piece and define an innovative style of design that strongly appeals to the brand's cosmopolitan and heterogeneous clientele.

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