Each Panerai watch is as special as the tradition surrounding it. A tradition that has its origins in the birthplace of the Renaissance in Florence, where entrepreneur and innovative craftsman Giovanni Panerai opened in 1860 the first watchmaking in the city.

A tradition that links every detail of Panerai watches with the purpose for which they were designed and created, at a time when Panerai watches were supplied to the command of the Italian Navy. A tradition that has kept a close eye on the future and preserves in its research of technical excellence, which distinguishes each Officine Panerai collection.

Combining Italian design with Swiss watchmaking perfection, Officine Panerai - belonging to the Richemont Group since 1997 - reinterprets each year what has been its passion for over 150 years. Create high precision instruments to measure time with a very sharp and distinct character, by their design and functionality.

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