Louis-Ulysse Chopard would surely be delighted to see how its manufacture has evolved. Having celebrated its 150th anniversary in 2010, the firm is still swayed by the spirit of its creator, fueled by hand-crafted mastery and technological developments.

From the founding family to Karl Scheufele's, who took over manufacturing in 1963, Chopard continues to be governed by its founding principles, namely the appreciation for excellence, the pursuit of quality, creativity, innovation, independence and a fundamental human respect.

After a modest start, Chopard established itself in the 19th century as a reference in the field of precision watches. It followed, however, a decline that lasted until Karl Scheufele took office in 1963. Together with his wife, Karin, and their children, Karl-Friedrich and Caroline, Karl Scheufele shaped the steady and steady growth of the company. : from the first Happy Diamonds model to the latest Haute Joaillerie watches born of Caroline's fertile imagination; passing the ultra-sophisticated L.U.C. that resulted from Karl-Friedrich's relentless determination, everyone knows and uses Chopard.

Over the past decades, Chopard has explored global horizons, remaining true to its core areas of expertise: watchmaking and jewelery.

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