Serafino Consoli

Serafino Consoli started in the city of Bergamo, Italy, in 1959. A Made in Italy brand that follows the path of distinction giving shape to something that does not exist, with the creation of two jewellery collections: Serafino and Brevetto, which allow worldwide patented transformations, absolutely innovative in the fine jewellery industry.

One size fits all

With the aim of bringing movement to life, all sizes and transformations in a single piece of jewellery, Serafino Consoli breaks old patterns and goes beyond the traditional jewellery mentality with its World Invention Patent: jewellery of various sizes that adapt to each and everyone.

From rings that expand to twenty sizes, to rings that can be worn as bracelets, Brevetto designs sparkle with harmony and uniqueness, in pieces that have already been dubbed "Ringcelets". Which also means that they can be passed down from generation to generation - from grandmother to granddaughter, while in practice, the purchase can be made on impulse, without the jeweller and customer having to think about finding a suitable ring. Or for those who want to offer a luxurious present but don't know the finger size.

Model with Serafino Consoli Brevetto collection

Creativity and talent enhanced by technology

"Brevetto" means patent in Italian and the clever technology used to create pieces of 18K gold, diamonds and coloured gemstones that are both simple to use but complex to produce, requiring up to 42,000 soldering points and 988 components per finished piece.

Pieces of jewellery that are a "luxury toy", the result of years of research and development of a technology that is designed to be unique in the jewellery market worldwide. And that also extends to earrings and pendants.

From an emotional perspective, the transformation of a ring into a bracelet is always fascinating by causing that "wow" effect you expect from a piece of fine jewellery. As are these jewels that transform and evolve with the wearer, in simple and perfect movements.

Model with Serafino Consoli Serafino collection

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