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Privacy policy and personal information protection of the website

David Rosas, Lda. (the former designated by David Rosas and better identified by the latter information), titular entity responsible for the website has the preoccupation of guaranteeing that its website users and potential clients are protected integrally of all legal obligations as well as total privacy of their information and secure transactions made through the platform, in accordance with the best available methods on the market.

The privacy policy and treatment of personal information followed by David Rosas, of which we recommend all users and potential clients read are as follows:

1. David Rosas, better identified below is the responsible entity for the management of the personal information provided by the site users .

2. By providing the information, the user / client accept that the information collected may be utilized for publicity purposes, marketing (including through any means of direct marketing and publicity communications that are not solicited, as long as the user / client does not oppose this), commercial offers and/or promotions, purchase and sales of products, purchase and sales statistics, shipping management and placement, technical assistance and post-sales.

3. The user / client accepts that the information provided by him/her in regard to them may be passed and utilized for the purposes referenced in the previous number by companies related to the David Rosas group, such as: shared businesses by David Rosas; businesses shared with the shared businesses; businesses that hold a capital stake of David Rosas; or, shared businesses of the businesses holding capital stake of David Rosas.

4. The provided information may be transmitted to the shipping / postal service, exclusively for the sole purpose of delivery and processing of orders and information related to delivery and processing.

5. David Rosas will implement and maintain organized technical infrastructures to protect the information against accidental or illicit destruction, its unauthorized divulgation and unauthorized access, adulteration or loss, maintaining and securing the integrity and confidentiality of personal information. Such infrastructure includes secure copies, restrictive access permissions and authorizations, with the sole intention of blocking unauthorized third parties (others that are not the titular user / client of the information, in relation to the information directly related to them, David Rosas, the entities responsible for managing the information, employees directly involved with the information, and the entities referred to in number 3).

6. David Rosas, the entities hired by them for the management of the data, the workers and collaborators and entities referred to in number 3, hold themselves to astringent and rigorous standards of privacy in relation to the confidential information that may be found through the website. Only being authorized for the usage of general conditions, contracts between the user / client, or in the event of a legal order by a legal or administrative authority.

7. Without prejudice to the information displayed in the previous numbers, David Rosas informs and the Client accepts, that the collection, sharing and treatment of information in open networks has associated risks, including the possibility of being seen by unauthorized third parties, against the wishes and safekeeping and knowledge of David Rosas and the user / client, of which David Rosas or any authorized entity of such data is not responsible for such unauthorized access. On the other hand, by utilizing the website, whether as a user or simply viewing the contents, the user / client may be exposed to content, that against the independent wishes of David Rosas, violate the general terms and conditions of the website or the applicable legalities, with David Rosas or any other authorized entity of such information being free of the responsibility of such acts.

8. David Rosas ensures and guarantees the client, in regard to the applicable legislative responsibility without any additional responsibility, the direct access (including, without limits, the rectification and actualization of their personal information), designated through the client area of

9. David Rosas and the entities referenced in number 3 above, may conserve and maintain the information for as long as necessary to ensure the contractual obligations that may be made between the user / client – including, without limits, for warranty and post-sales assistance purposes – which includes the direct conservation and utilization of such information, for the referenced purposes, even after such referenced contracts or agreements cease to be in effect, for whichever reason, and after the time period exercised by the right of free resolution.

10. The present privacy policy and personal information treatment is applicable to any information provided by the user / client during the registration and usage processes of the website, delivery processes, and any other information provided through the platform or registers and deliveries provided.

11. For legal purposes, these are the contacts and complete identification of the entities responsible for the treatment of personal information:

  • Denomination: David Rosas, Lda.
  • Collective identification number / commercial register: 501495290
  • Headquarters and address: David Rosas, Lda. Avenida da Boavista, n.º 1471, Loja n.º 4 4100 131 Porto 4100-131 Porto
  • Commercial register conservatory: Oporto
  • Electronic address:
  • Phone contact: 226 061 060 (Portuguese landline)

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