Because time goes by quickly, and because sometimes is just the right time for a change of course, and because you really have to follow your dreams, Brice Jaunet has created her own watch brand after 15 years in the watch industry.

Driven by an entrepreneurial spirit since childhood, Brice has always had the ambition to bring his creativity to life.

In 2012, along with some Swiss designer friends, she decided to create a watch brand that reflects her personality, her thoughts and her research. Brice Jaunet wanted to create a beautiful and authentic yet affordable watch.

His student days in Oxford, his passion for sport and his taste for travel give the Briston brand its sporty, chic and somewhat quirky spirit.

It is this spirit, combined with its watchmaking DNA, that gives Briston its unique style. Working with innovative materials such as cellulose acetate and different colors give Briston watches their distinctive look.

Briston also offers the perfect balance between a contemporary watch and a chic accessory - casual and completely affordable.

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